Organization Activity Definition:

Chernihiv youth non-profit organization "Youth of the XXI century" was established and officially registered in 1998.

Organization mission is promotion of youth participation in establishing in Ukraine of open civil society by means of non-profit organizations development and community initiatives support.

Activity Directions:

  » NGO development;

  » Local self-governing development facilitating: organizing and conducting of trainings and seminars for deputies of local councils in Chernihiv oblast, supplying with necessary literature, regular sharing information about local councils' deputies experience coming from different regions of Ukraine;

  » Creation of effective lobby system for interests of local territorial communities in Chernihiv. This includes: organizing and carrying out of public hearings, elaboration of recommendations to public on issues which are submitted for discussions on local councils sessions getting representatives of NGOs, deputies of local councils, institutions of local governing and public activists to take part in;

  » Facilitating the development of youth and student self-governing in the city as a consultative institution for furthering their influence on state youth policy implementation;

  » Mass media for public organizations - propagation of the NGOs' activity in local Mass media.

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