Project «Studies of the members of the district election commissions», March, 2002

Partner project was the initiative of the Center of Political Education. «YXXIC» became a regional partner in realization of this project in Chernihiv region. The purpose of the project was to improve the transparency and honesty of Ukrainian elections by increasing the professional level, the competence of the members of the district election commissions and the official observers. Within the project it was organized and conducted 32 trainings, the participants of which became 3 790 persons in 11 regions of Ukraine (including Chernihiv region). Due to the knowledge and skills acquired on the trainings the members of the district election commissions and official observers were able to provide more qualified work of the election committees concerning the organization of voting, counting of the voices, delivery of the electoral documentation in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. According to the results of the estimation on the election districts, where the participants of the trainings worked, there were far fewer violations of the electoral legislation.
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