"YXXIC" from the moment of its foundation is open for the cooperation with Ukrainian, and foreign non- governmental organizations, political parties, representatives of the official bodies and local self-management, the international organizations.

"YXXIC" has more than 20 partners in Ukraine, Baltic States, Poland, the USA, Canada, and so on.

Realization of programs and projects is supported by::

» The international Republican Institute (USA)

» Westminister fund of support of the democracy (Great Britain)

» The Canadian fund of support of the local initiatives (the Canadian fund)

» International fund "Revival "

» Fund of assistance of democracy of the USA Embassy in Ukraine

» The open house (Freedom House)

» Polish fund "Know-how "

» Association of farmers of Great Britain

» A number of others...

Direct partners in realization of programs and initiatives:

» Zhitomir Regional Center of Youth Initiatives
Andrey Kartashov, Chairman of the organization

» Kharkov youth association “East - Ukrainian Fund of development of democracy”
Yaroslav Markevich, Chairman of the organization

» National Ukrainian public organization “Fund of development of democracy”,
Oksana Golovach, Chairman of the organization

» Poltava youth public organization “Young Poltavschina”
Yanin Polovjan, Chairman of the organization

» Sumy regional youth public organization "Matrix"
Anton Aleshchenko, Chairman of the organization

» Kiev public organization “Center of Political Education”
Konstantin Plosky, Chairman of board

» The resource center "Gurt"

» The coalition of youth public organizations of the Cherkasy area “Young Cherkaschina”
Yury Sas, Chairman of coordination council of the coalition

» The Chernihiv regional organization ‘ Union of Women of Ukraine”
Irina Dorozhkina, Chairman of the organization

» Kirovograd public organization "Kirovograd Remedial Foundation "
Svetlana Garashchenko, Chairman of the organization

» The Chernihiv public organization “The Northern- Ukrainian Fund of Regional Revival”
Artem Stakh, Chairman of board

» Всеукраїнська громадська організація «Жіночий Консорціум України»
Наталка Самолевська, Голова організації

» Ukrainian National public organization “Women’s Consortium of Ukraine”
Natalka Samolevska, Chairman of the organization

» A number of other acting organizations...

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