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Unique International Youth Summer Camp of Peace “You ~ СAN & ARE & MUST ~ be Equal!” 1-7 May 2007, Bakhchisaray city, Crimea, Ukraine PRESS ANONS In the frame of the All Different – All Equal Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation, Association of Crimea Community Youth Centers “Youth for Peace and Development” from Ukraine and its partners Association of Young Azerbaijani Friends of Europe from Azerbaijan, Youth Media Centre from Moldova, Information and Documents Center on Human Rights from Georgia, Public Human Rights Organization "Civil control" from Russia, Union of Germans in Ukraine, Youth organization “Arslan” from Ukraine, and Crimean Tartar Youth Center from Ukraine joined forces to organize an Unique International Youth Summer Camp of Peace “You ~ СAN & ARE & MUST ~ be Equal!” The summer camp of peace is aimed at development of mutual understanding and tolerant attitude toward different cultures and religious among the youth from Black Sea region countries, and also addressing them to work with national minorities and indigenous people. Participants of the summer camp of peace will be youth leaders – representatives of different youth organizations of national minorities from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkish, and Moldova. The organizers will invite special guest and experts to provide needed information and knowledge under the topics of the summer camp of peace. Also, the program will include: - reports of guest, experts, and participants; - discussions in small groups; - excursion program; - presentations of cultures and traditions. Youth leaders as the participants of the summer camp of peace will increase their knowledge about human rights, Intercultural education, and participation in public life. The official detailed report will be available on the Association’s site. For further information please contact: Edem Usmanov – coordinator of the project Mob. tel: +38 066 394 1919; e-mail: edem_crimea@yahoo.com Application form is available on www.youth..crimeastar.net www.mllm2007.narod.ru (the official site) Thank you for cooperation! Edem Usmanov, chairman of board Association "Youth for Peace and Development" Tel. +3 80 6554 47794 Fax +3 80 6554 42500 Mail to: edem_crimea@yahoo.com or edem_crimea@bigmir.net Visit us www.youth.crimeastar.net
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