Project of «Involving of the public into the process of making decisions», September-December, 2003

The purpose of the project was the establishing of the open dialogue «authority and public» by involving and activation of public into the process of discussion of the issue of the day of the region. Attention was concentrated on the deputies of the local councils of city of Chernihiv and region, the representatives of the local bodies of the state power, militia, tax administration, non-governmental organizations, MASS-MEDIA. In the context of the project it was conducted a number of working meetings, trainings, public hearings during which it was discussed the problem of the city development. The result of it was that the power «heard» the problems of the ordinary citizens. During the public hearing it was produced the resolution which the authority answered positively and partly realized its’ tasks. This project made the participants and the organizers understand, that the similar initiatives and the public hearings organized in the right way were the step to the realization of the possibilities at the local level.

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