Project «Training of the official observers on the elections during Ukrainian Presidential Elections – 2004», December, 2004

This project was initiated with the purpose of training of the subjects of the electoral process for the sake of providing of the transparency and legality of the elections in Ukraine. During December, 2004 after the large falsifications in the second round of the elections it was conducted a number of seminars for training of near 200 people - official observers at the elections who went to the Eastern regions of Ukraine, to guarantee the transparent and honest elections in the most difficult parts of Ukraine. The participants of the seminars got the manual «Practical recommendations on training of the official observers of the re-voting at the Presidential elections on December, 26 2004», they also got the collection of the legislative acts concerning the elections and other distributive materials, where the typical falsifications and the methods of their removal were described. The qualified subjects of the electoral process, taught and well-informed observers on the questions of the electoral legislation were the result of this initiative.

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