Project «Farmer dialogue», November 2001 - April, 2002

With the purpose of support of student young people, the team «Y21» was the initiator of the project directed on the construction of the partners relations and dialogue between two countries Great Britain and Ukraine. The students of the agrarian faculty of Chernihiv state institute of economics and management took part in the series of the round tables on the actual themes which concerned the problems and the prospects of the agrarian sector development of the economics of Ukraine and Great Britain. As the result 30 students had a period of trainee on the farms of England (High groove). Also the work of the team «Y21» was directed on establishing the contacts between the Association of the farmers and the agrarian faculty of ChSIEM. In their turn, the activists of «Y21» as the volunteers had an opportunity to have a trainee and to teach the students who required additional knowledge in Ukrainian.
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